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The Vidos (rhymes with “Speedos”) are three gringos from British Columbia, Canada with an affinity for pop hooks, creative drumming, and stacked harmonies — and fuzz on all of ‘em. They started making music together in high school, cracking the Top 40 in Canadian Active Rock with their songs “Car Trouble” and “Perfect Stranger”.


Alongside longtime producer Danny Craig, The Vidos have arrived at a sound playfully described as “sludge pop” and look forward to releasing a collection of brand new material fitting that description in 2023. 
 Prior to March 2020, the boys had toured the country nine times in the span of 3 and a half years, including a “hellish” 7-month stint living on their tour bus in Toronto in an effort to demolish their comfort zone and perform on a nightly basis. Known for their witty lyrics and onstage banter, The Vidos have gradually cultivated their live show into an immersive, genre-bending, fourth-wall-shattering, and best of all, self-flagellating performance and have become one of Canada’s most promising and unpredictable groups in the process. 
 They released their debut album "Right in the Kisser!" on 604/Rock Is Dead Records earlier this year. 


Praise for The Vidos: 


“The Vidos are quickly proving themselves a force to be reckoned with through [their] scorching hot pop-rock anthems"


“[The Vidos] don’t suck.”

- Ralph James, APA 


“My wife left me because I wasn’t in The Vidos”

- Johnny Depp, Actor

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